World Championship FINALS - Day 2 - Clash of Clans

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    Welcome to Day 2 of the 2020 Clash of Clans World Championship Finals! 6 Clans have emerged victorious after yesterday's eliminations and only 4 Clans will move on to tomorrow's Finals and a chance for the grand prize. With victory so close, each team will be further honing their strategies for the stakes have never been higher for these teams. One misplaced Troop, one mis-timed Hero ability, or one surprise Trap makes all the difference between victory and defeat.
    Which 4 teams will be moving on to the Finals? Stay tuned and don't miss a single second to find out!
    Day 2 matchups:
    ATN.aTTax vs x6tence
    Vatang vs. QueeN Walkers
    H.T Family vs M1 loser
    Ni Chang Dance vs M2 loser
    Finalist Teams:
    ATN.aTTaX: ATNattax_coc
    Darkest MuZhan: DarkestMuZhan
    eleVen Original: eleven_original
    H.T Family: HT_Family_coc
    Ni Chang Dance
    QueeN Walkers
    Vatang: VatangCoC
    x6tence: x6tence_mx
    What would a Clan War stream be without its talented lineup of hosts and casters?
    Host: Mr. Banks - IamMrBanx
    Caster: CarbonFin -
    Caster: Woody - WoodyTalks
    Caster: LadyB - LadyBGaming
    Caster: Clash Bashing!! -
    Analyst: Judo Sloth -
    Stay updated with all information about the World Championship in our Esports Twitter:

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. حسين العكيلي


    2. سارة حافظ


    3. Real Ant

      Please never hire Woody again. He ruined the whole championship because I didn’t want to play it with sound on.

    4. Teman Sejalan

      1:16:44 KLAUS 😲😱😱

    5. Ahmed Majed


    6. Jesse Garrett

      Is anyone else think woody is annoying af

    7. khafilah

      Where player Indonesian ,,

    8. Jerri Brandon Singh

      The 15 witch attck,1 word SAVAGE

    9. ZORO 《GSG》

      يعني خوش يهجمون

    10. Nanay Domingo

      Bring back the global chat please

    11. Nanay Domingo

      Bring back the global chat please

    12. ساسان عزیزی

      بازی علیه ولی پول دیوار خیلی زیاد هست لطفأ پولش کم کنین ممنون

    13. Setiadi Firmansyah

      Who first winner guys

    14. schnilos

      Woody and lady b need to go but can yall stop hating on my boy bash

    15. hari 01

      Yen thalaivan karthik

    16. I am 6310

      NCD vs Vatang is the most epic war i've ever since im really speechless for both of the teams

    17. Joe Hunt

      Bash want screaming like woody but he realize that he voice like a cartoon network .

    18. Jacob Olson

      1:01:41 This dude needs to calm down.

      1. cfn _tj


    19. CallumTheGamer

      Idk why there acting like it's a car race

      1. cfn _tj


    20. Ibrahasky

      please COC don't bring back woody to cast again or tell him to not screaming like a little girl

    21. Joe Hunt

      Please CEO of clash on Clan remove woody and bash , if not you will lose viewer. 👎🏻

    22. Joe Hunt

      Woody and bash like a baby in a candy shop .. not professional MC. Just like bank , carbon and lady B . They two shouts for no reason. Bored hearing their voice.

    23. siddhant sharma

      honestly Woody just shut up

    24. Sports Master

      Ni Chang Dance is consistent in attack but they have to improve their defense. They have the potential to be champ next season

    25. mehmane qenizade


    26. Bas van der Graaff

      2:29:18 is why woody is just so annoying. How can you miss that the bowlers are in the giga bomb and yap on with generic warfare commentary that basically means nothing?

    27. pivado canal

      O fim do clash of clans

    28. Vicky mania

      Ohh woody please stop screaming. You're a mess, please remove him, for God sake....

    29. Tesla Tesla

      Klaus 1:13:15

    30. dimas rahmat depri

      1 : 02 : 02 bangskot : 🥳

      1. Setiadi Firmansyah


    31. DesTiNY

      Clash of clans for Asians!

    32. Shaazmere

      2:10:17 he broke his iPad lol

    33. Varun Jaikeshan

      2:30:00 woody being the worst commentator ever, why’s this guy still there?

    34. Jay_Bro

      Woody makes me cringe......

    35. PooDot StinkPants

      We would love to participate in the "Average Clan Championships" one day just to know what it's like to get a taste of that prize money.

      1. Mitch Cook


    36. Magnificent Beast TV

      Vatang and Ni Chang Dance put the house on fire 🔥🔥🔥 damn! Insane War 👌💪👍

    37. Green Monster Gaming

      wooo royal champ has skin there!

    38. ray lee

      Oh man, did he just say "He got knocked down, but just like Chumbawamba, he got back up again"? LMAO!! I lost it on that one. Nice work woody. You finally got me. You have definitely grown on me.

    39. Mohammed Aliy

      Woody and bash is good

      1. cfn _tj

        At least some1 has decency

    40. osama ahmed

      NC dance deserve the first place. what a fight lies within them. woowwwwww

    41. Taru Kur

      @supercell @clashofclans I wonder why you guys are sticking with Woody as a caster. He simply has no idea of how an attack is going on. Yes he knows a few good words and sentences here and there... but the game knowledge is pathetic. It's quite evident he doesn't even play the game and its baffling to see him where he shouldn't be.

    42. Auday Aziz

      What's name of music end video 3:03:21 PLEASE

    43. I DON'T CARE MF

      I just love how LADY B say "down"😊😊

    44. Ravinder Kumar

      Help me Sar How to open a COC account once it is closed🙁🙁🙁🙁

    45. Rudie Kraft

      Woody should die

    46. Rudie Kraft

      Petition to stop letting woody and ladyb be commentators on this

    47. Blade Gaming

      i say they should add unity elite clan

    48. AngeloBlanco

      whats the intro music i love ittttttt so much

    49. ibrahim Besalti

      global come back

    50. Gandalfr

      Lagi2... bangskot

    51. Johnny Murphy

      Rest In Peace Kirby Marrow, Known as the voice actor for Goku from Dragon Ball Z And Cole from Ninjago. He died a few days ago

    52. peterpiperpicked123456

      1:59:57: woody "She may be no man but she has laid waste to the enemy's countryside" What the hell is he talking about? He's so distracting, makes me want to stop watching!!

      1. Dockedstream51


      2. Luke Allen

        It's a reference to Lord of The Rings, but executed badly.

    53. Mito

      Bağırma ne varda bağırıyorsun ki

    54. Axelle D


    55. Axelle D


    56. Axelle D


    57. iDespair's YT

      That 1:16:30 buzzer beater tho.. wow

    58. Axelle D


    59. Axelle D


    60. Axelle D


    61. Axelle D


    62. زواره صادقی

      با سلام ببخشید.گزارشی راجع به شرایط جدید سوپرسل در گوگل پلی به دستم رسید که ایران از لیست خارج خواهد شد و بازیکنان ایرانی دیگر قادر به بازی کردن در کلش اف کلنز یا کلش رویال نیستند.آیا صحت دارد ،همچون گوگل بازی پلی که ایران را از لیست خارج کرده است وما در حال تحریم خدماتی کمپانی های تامین کننده خارج کشوریم.خواهش مندم در صورت صحت این موضوع از نقض تمدید قرارداد با کافه بازار جلو گیری کنید.یک انسان برای حفظ حقوق بشر.

    63. Jhon Rey Dela Cruz

      Lady B disagree with what Woody is saying most of the time lol.

      1. peterpiperpicked123456

        yeah she has to correct him half the time

    64. Axelle D


    65. صالح المسلاتي

      غير كان وقت الترقية يقل بس

    66. Milad Abasi


    67. Rajput gaming

      Mere pass 7 level townholl hai kisi ke 10 level townholl hoto de do etra pls 😢

    68. Badhon Xperia

      Woody and bash, Both are trash. Please get carbon for final and semis.

    69. Shekhar Kumar


    70. Miss Drama

      New subscribe 🤝🔔 Thanks for sharing This video 🌷🌷🌷


      Today live

    72. Vikash Rabha

      Lady B my queen ❤️

    73. Nguyễn Tâm

      Trận Vatang vs Ni Chang Dance quá hấp dẫn 👏👏👏👏👏


      My god What a crazy matchup Crazy match Closest war ❤️ Op

    75. Luke Graves

      Lady b commentary is not good at all

      1. Muzi A

        Clearly u haven't watched her streams. She is always spot on and knows her attack strategies

      2. Badhon Xperia

        At least better than woody/bash lol

    76. محمد تٰس


    77. Legend Boy Ashik

      Junghan abal chuda Ed er Mormo bujis

    78. Benson Abuan

      vatang is vatang! congratulations!

    79. Nezuko

      Woody is really freaky annoying !!!

    80. Agus Susanto

      Tadinya saya suka main coc bahkan sampe 11 akun ketika hp saya reset semua akun hilang saya jdi males lagi main udh cape 4 th main coc tpi akun hilang jdi males

    81. Gowshikan C

      Does rc has skin

    82. Antriksh Gupta

      Woody and bashing are dogs.. They were barking the whole time

    83. Vedran Kos

      U just can't watch this while woddy screaming nonsense. Support for Adam

      1. Mohd Jaafar

        Adam is bad, happy that he dont make COC content anymore

      2. ReK


    84. Hi Dear

      I want to see the Live final but dunno the time in indonesia. Anybody now which time the live start with Indonesia time?

    85. SED AKS


    86. Narantuya Namjil

      New shadow fight2

    87. india clasher


    88. Love you 3000

      1:04:37 that went terribly wrong lol

      1. enjoy clashing

        LOL, 1 stars are very rare in major tournaments like this😅

    89. mr. madhurjya

      Intz ,mcec both r best team...I think this series r more strong if including intz and mces replace ht family and eleven original...

    90. loris dupont

      Please Remove Lady B and woody from commentaire and Bring back Adam, beacuase they don't know much about the game and can't explain 1/4 of what's going on Judo, Carbon and Éric are much much better and neither scream as Woody but know and can explain the attacks

      1. TheDeadlyD

        Eric Should be on the main casting team

      2. Enrique Gonzalez

        @loris dupont. Fully agree with you

      3. loris dupont

        @Muzi A I don't even know if she has a th13, wondering if she can push 5847 trophies with zap lalo cuz I do 😊 Go use tissues watching her streaming sucker and get educated 😁

      4. Muzi A

        LadyB commentary is always spot on, she probably knows more about the game and attack strategies than you do & can see exactly what the attacker is doing... Agree with u on Woody though, he is just excruciating to listen to

    91. Konstantinos

      Lol woody screams for no reason

    92. Raker

      Черт я хотел скин на королеву

    93. Avinash 000


    94. Rayhan Islam

      The Only Team The is Capable of Beating ATN is Out Now. ATN is Now Clearly The Favourite Now

      1. Rayhan Islam

        @enjoy clashing Dance

      2. enjoy clashing

        Which team you are talking about

    95. Bishma

      Woody chill bro We it's your job

    96. Ethical Itle

      I feel so bad for tian, getting eliminated for a time fail probably sucked big time. But thanks for the great war and hope to see you again in the finals next year

    97. krishna

      30:30 1 Million skeletons

      1. krishna

        @Konstantinos that's not what I mean I just mentioned that, that's it

      2. Konstantinos

        You have never seen another witch attack, have you?

    98. FUN GT

      What a war happened between vatang and nichang dance 9 3 stars from 10 attack🤖🤖🤖 see from 2:21:20

    99. sahil kumar

      indian clashers was better than eleven

      1. enjoy clashing