🎄The 2020 Clashmas Tree Is Here!🎄

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    Get ready for the Clashmas Season with the toughest wood, the pointiest needles, and the shiniest decorations!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Warfaa Barre

      Everyone in Clash of Clans : We love you , Christmas tree!!! Log: DIE DIE DIE! Everyone in next episode: Oh hell no Log: Now you love me!

    2. Kevin Cahyadi

      Anyone here still has the clashmas tree from 2012?

    3. حسين العكيلي

      روعه روعه

    4. حسن البصري

      تحيه طيبه من العراق

    5. عٌآشُقٌ آلُصًمْٺ

      اكو عرب

    6. Ahmed Sater


    7. A Sadrija


    8. Typical Type

      0:16 It is now confirmed that Reddit exists in the Clash universe

    9. Antonio Sicilia


    10. Leon

      Wich is better Clashmas or Christmas

    11. Arun Op

      They gave me only 3 x mas tree 😭😭😭😢

    12. Егорик


    13. Nanay Domingo

      Bring back the global chat please

    14. Vitalii Zhdanov

      I didn't know that computers exist in the clash of clans world.



    16. Timothy Jones

      From the creators of Giant Foot Collab

    17. TheBrainandBrawn

      Fear that which does plenty of damage yet has no hitpoints to be stopped.

    18. Endzio Dr T

      0:11 now we know this is Kenny loggins

    19. لصمتي حكايه

      جميل كلاش

    20. Dylan M.

      0:17 By god, THE LOG IS A REDDITOR. ( >:( )つ/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

    21. Samet


    22. Carlos Montes

      Felicidades encontraste un comentario en español

    23. Salo GaminG


    24. Stan Gaming

      Hey Obstacles didn't spawned for me yet

      1. Tommy Huang

        It’s random

    25. Gabriel Eduardo Vides Martinez

      0:15 wait a minute how does he ha a computer

    26. Mimin Tier

      Will we get Christmas tree? I have got log but I haven't got Christmas tree yet

      1. Tommy Huang

        It spawns randomly

    27. Rina Paul

      Hey supercell I have till now not got the new Christmas tree in the game . why supercell???

    28. Жуков максим

      Ого круто конечно

    29. Aruna Diaz

      i like the log Christmas tree but I was waiting for a diferente one 🧡🤎🤍 can we get extra Christmas tree not just one please!!!!!!

      1. Aruna Diaz

        @Tommy Huang oh nice thanks for let me know... Im collecting all since I started the game:)

      2. Tommy Huang

        There is another Christmas tree coming out

    30. benjamin aramayo

      like si hablas en español

    31. DK


    32. AdrianoStyle

      How to get any christmas decorations?

    33. Vicky Saini

      Once created the leader should be given a chance to change the clan name. Because the language of many clan is different which the members of clan cannot read

    34. Muhamad Hilman


    35. Pritam Mondal

      Please bring back global 😭

    36. Roblox gamer 200

      My mind and head : *giant saying i love you clash mas tree deeper and deeper*

    37. scott wheeler

      hey guys l got some good news and bad news the good new is fnaf new game and Aaron wheeler show nexus war and the bad new is supercell got shutdown on faberery 2021

    38. Spencer

      When they adding snow?

      1. abbsnn cose

        That log needs a chill pill ngl

    39. bilinas mini

      0:17 i Wonder what the Last Website is

    40. DMuuB

      How do I get the 2020 clashmas tree And what does it do

    41. Wolvzy

      Can someone please tell me if we will have a christmas tree or log this year in clash. thanks

      1. Wolvzy

        @bilinas mini nvm shut up bot

      2. bilinas mini

        I love clach royal and clach of clans



    43. Manoj A R

      You guys forgot about builder base.....

    44. Elija Jose Delos santos

      Title the logs revenge

    45. Kris Lolala

      Mana pohon natalku belum ada

    46. Rohmi y

      Add global chat again :(

    47. Hung Ta

      Log wants to destroy clashmas

    48. Alex

      0:29 we'll be right back

    49. bilishu aliss

      That bruh moment when the new Christmas tree doesn’t land on the edge

    50. Little Tank

      Instead of spawning Christmas trees it will be logs

    51. Its Mk14

      And we are going to see something horrible in real life soon.

      1. bilishu aliss

        My friend bro this clash of clans is very famous game you know and all over the world pls I love chrimest in winter season in December. This is my request that indian and all

    52. Darth Revan

      Do not know on what date the Christmas update will come out?

    53. Crash'stuff!

      Who here thinks this should be a horror movie

    54. Penhawk 19

      That log needs a chill pill ngl

    55. Mr Video

      they are deleting rage and ading rage spirit

    56. Obey The E

      Considering this year, it should have been in perpetual flames.

    57. the gamer YTB 06

      I love clach royal and clach of clans

    58. mikea hiooi

      Log: wants revenge on Lumberjack Also Log when it realizes it can't hurt the Lumberjack, because they're in the same deck: *Visible frustration


      I have a messege tha crismas tree is caming

    60. Chanchala Verma


      1. mikea hiooi

        Awesome, love how their using clash a Rama plot in CoC itself

    61. 林甄Lin Zhen

      Is the log will add into clash of clans for a limited time

    62. İbrahim S.

      İs a new character coming?

    63. رضا عماد

      Yah babe😂😂😂crash them all😂😂

    64. Anu Katoch

      By byyyyyy my friend

    65. Anu Katoch

      By see you i like this vedio

    66. Anu Katoch

      I am huge fan my bro cool it down Christmas is near

    67. Anu Katoch

      Because in winter there is 3 festival s link firstly navratra, secondly diwali and third and last the end of the season means year chrimest

    68. Anu Katoch

      My friend bro this clash of clans is very famous game you know and all over the world pls I love chrimest in winter season in December. This is my request that indian and all over the world festival season comes in clash of clans I love chrimest marry Christmas tree 🌲 now you think that i am jalos no I am not my favorite monsoon is winter ❄⛄chrismast that is reason clash of clans is our family game and linke family I love all the festival in all religious marry chrimest and namasta

    69. Apprentice

      The log has been being naughty to a good boy :)

    70. Mateja Malbasa

      Wny tne neck is tne log planinig🤔

    71. Furkan Güney

      Vay anasını

    72. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      I hear this year they're just gonna have Logs.

    73. Jorge Lorenzo

      LOG YOU 2020!

    74. Alpha

      Đang hóng

    75. Vedant Desai

      I request the whole team of clash of clans to provide us the ICE QUEEN SKIN IN GEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE the skin would be arrived in nov

    76. Envar

      Awesome, love how their using clash a Rama plot in CoC itself

    77. Arjun Kumar 8th A

      This ad came in USfilm music Did anybody knew this earlier

    78. Gibby

      he killd me wit the stun! luke! with the stun! he kille me with th--HED ISCONNECETA!!

    79. suhana saputra

      I like clash of clans so like this game


      Jajaja bien enojado el tronco! xD

    81. 09SkyFrost

      Oh I know What does that mean.... NEW LIMITED TROOP :D

    82. JK

      Imagine clashmas comes and instead of the tree in the begining we get that pointy log instead😂

    83. Jude Wildhaber

      Nice! I just started collecting the custom obstacles. I have the cake and the vacant tomb lol!

    84. Safaeit Hossain

      Poor log!

    85. Alike_ BR

      00:13 melhor parte

    86. NG ZI XUAN Moe

      but where is the xmas tree? i did not get it

    87. Bruh Meme.y.

      CoC: Makes teaser video for new Log Everyone that's ever been on twitch: POG

    88. Wambo-Combo1234

      Log: wants revenge on Lumberjack Also Log when it realizes it can't hurt the Lumberjack, because they're in the same deck: *Visible frustration

    89. Marcus Stacker

      The trunk disgusts me I like the Christmas tree

    90. Strategic Human

      Log is getting angry

    91. miko foin

      Imagine of ther will be the log as a spell😂😂

    92. _VOCKer_

      By clash-a-rama???

    93. black_knight

      yo al ver el final: /\_/\ (0vv0) (se sorprende) (- - )

      1. miko foin

        3 million view wow

    94. Иван Молочный


    95. Caleb Kirkland

      THE LOG

    96. Pepsi VS Diet cola!!

      I L o v e y o u C L A S H M A S TR E E

    97. mirza saputra

      I ask supercell, I can't enter my COC account because it's banned for 31 days, I beg you, please open the ban, supercell

    98. Ice Bear

      Uh oh, you made the log mad

    99. Maxtin_el gamer754

      I think they are going to put the trunk in Clash of clans but temporary I'm super sure xd

    100. patel

      Log clashmas tree