ICE HOUND Has Zero Chill (Clash Of Clans)

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    Lava Hound’s cooler big brother, Ice Hound is tankier with more hit points but takes up considerably more Housing Space. When Ice Hound is destroyed, not only does it break up into tinier Ice Pups, it drops a Freeze to deliver a nasty surprise to your enemies. Additionally, attacks from the adorable little bundles of ice slows enemies down. Yes, Ice Hound has zero chill.
    Super Troop Boost Cost: 25,000 Dark Elixir
    Favorite Target: Air Defense
    Damage Type: Single Target
    Targets: Ground
    Housing Space: 40
    Movement Speed: 20
    Ice Hound attacks will slow down their targets similar to the Ice Wizard and Ice Golem

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Kashap Raina



      Lava hound slow Ice hound super slow!

    3. Mugge_

      Screenshot this comment when this card gets added in the xmas update in 2021. U know it gonna happen sooner or later.

    4. Johann Ulloa

      Next they're gonna drop a earth hound that drop and earthquake spell 😳

    5. Rehan Nawaz


    6. U-Ar


    7. حسين العكيلي

      جميل جدا

    8. حسن البصري

      اللهم صلي علي محمد وال محمد

    9. زمن احمد


    10. Mehdi Barça




    12. Crystal Stanleya

      The best game, everyone advised to download it and thank you❤🌹😘🥰

    13. Chill King

      If this was in CR it would be so good

    14. Cembri :D

      "ice hound has zero chill" Also ice hound: slowly attacking things

    15. ơưrt awđizm


    16. Monkey Spanker

      This needs to be added to clash Royale

    17. Kanishk

      Want new super troop : Super Hog Rider

    18. Pika Boy

      Nerf pls

    19. kumar gaming96

      I am also playing coc, please go through my channel.

    20. PunCake Arbuzov

      The Lava Hound The cooler Lava hound

    21. Gulsana Ussipbekova


    22. Narankhuu Narankhuu

      Narka clan good😎😎😎

    23. Real GM M

      It would be cool if they add Goblin attacks, to our bases for a surprise, depending on which level.

    24. GracefulGaming2

      I guess this ice hound is very cool

    25. TheGreatNoodleBoi

      This ice hound is so cool

    26. ㄩ几Ҝ几ㄖ山几_丂ㄥ卂ㄚ乇尺24

      Super Troop: Gyrocopter From an Easy Poppin Balloon, to a Fast and Furious Gyrocopter that Shoots 4 rounds of Rockets per sec When Died they spawn 4 wall breaker on their death location, loves to operate a Balloon but Gyrocopter, well its fierce to be flown away

    27. Disciple Ninja

      Next : Electro Hound

    28. ML GAMING

      Cool clash of clans

    29. dead stalker

      Захватим чат

    30. Siddharth Pardeshi

      Why all of the troops converted into ice.. Why not into hot fire.

    31. Karl Minecraft

      i have a sugestion mega hog rider the hog rider will throw hes hammer at the anyme troop then the hog will break a anymy defense thats all

    32. Big Iron Cheems

      ice hound animated looks like a female to me but idk if i imagien thigns weird but can we please get both hounds genders to know if cringe ships are gonna star (not saying that the CoC communite is cringe)

      1. Big Iron Cheems

        CoC is just gonna add a hound of every element now also golems lol

    33. joseph adorna

      Clash of clans story: One day theres a female lava hound and a male ice hound They love each other and KABOOM! A NEW TROOP HAS ARIVE meet the obsidian house 🙃

    34. joseph adorna

      WOW clash of clans always do Cool and sick updates! While clash royale 👁👄👁 hmm.. when are we ganna get a new card? Mother witch be like: do you think im a joke!? -yes

    35. Hypcro

      Dead game lol

    36. Akbar Firdaus

      Everytropss and defends gangsta until ice hound spitting

    37. Deepy singh


    38. Fire Gamer

      we need night war clan like day war log

    39. Galih AA

      Next lava golem

    40. Sadaf Khan

      I 💗💗

    41. Clippy

      Ice golem done right

    42. Anurag Paul

      Spoiler: ice hound is next troop in clash royal

    43. The Brown Weebs

      Wut town hall u guys have

      1. Mr. Mario

        I’m in town hall 6 I think

    44. Samuel sami

      Don't even think clash royale

    45. memes by hudz


    46. SubJet

      troops that shoot fire or lava should do burning damage :>

    47. suspended

      gamers wellcome to my new channel❤️❣️

    48. Moose

      do it squirt?

    49. no more sparta



      I am waiting

      1. Tommy Huang

        for what?

    51. DK GaminG

      Imagine a super bowler and mega Pekka

    52. HM PT

      Recommend after 1 months wow..

    53. lipe

      Now I want this in clash royale

    54. Partha Dey

      Ice hound attack power is very low even than Barbarian

    55. Nanay Domingo

      Bring back the global chat please

    56. Bamaxdaws

      Is this a don't starve reference?

    57. Naythlamer _

      Supercell: *adds in clash of clans* Clash Royal: :/

    58. nick perry

      Bring the ice wizards back they were so OP I loved them so much

    59. Gta San Andreas

      Very interesting, by the way, I have a new interesting video on my channel.

    60. ExtremeVlogging

      Make it to clash royale please

    61. Jordan

      Next up: electro hound

    62. Sara Rollin

      Oh cute that face dragon is cute I love the little pup army of ice dragons Cute Cute

    63. Dude

      I can't wait for this to be in clash royale(if it will ever be)

    64. Just A Human

      what next ice dragon?

    65. ?

      Super cool

    66. Skulltronprime X9

      What's next; Super Golem? Super Miner? Super Balloon? Super Dragon? Super Hog Rider? Super Healer? Super Ultra P.E.K.K.A? Super Bowler? Super Electro Dragon? (If it's Possible) Super Yeti? (If that's Possible) Super Headhunter (If that's possible) Super ice Golem (if that's Possible)

    67. ibrahim Saleem

      Are these skins or actual troopers

    68. EAxelEX Toast

      This is ice golem on wings

    69. bamsi bey

      Ice hound is chill. Be like ice hound 🤞

    70. D_Z_K

      2016 Lava hound 2020 Ice hound 2024 *HOUND*

    71. 初音ミク

      "this guy has no chill"

    72. mango makes videos

      Me at a level 5 townhall with level 3 walls yeah sniff that sure looks sniff like so much fun. Cries

    73. Absolute Beast

      This update is pretty nICE

    74. GoldDropper

      Next: introducing Elite Royal Giant Pro Max

    75. GoldDropper

      Next: introducing Elite Royal Giant Pro Max

    76. Pasukan Kabul - COC

      Ice hound: finally the ice Golem has a friend Ice wizard: hey, you forgot me! Ice hound: ups.. sorry 😂 Please visit our Channel to see war attack our clan n the enemy. thanks

    77. Jack Creeper yt

      Ice hound vs lava hound



    79. soul calibur

      please add more house spacing from 1 to 2 for 1 ligthing spell..very shity spell

      1. Tommy Huang

        If the spell you say is bad than why would u want to increase its housing space?

    80. R I V E R

      all these ideas aren't to original, most of these ideas are just from the builder base

    81. coc gamer YT

      Super wizard

    82. Fatih Sultan Mehmet

      Amazing. Realy perfect.

    83. You Are sus

      This gives me the chills

    84. mccp6

      this so cool like ice pups

    85. mccp6

      super E.D pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    86. Dark Visual Gaming

      Actually Clash of Clans is good but .. I am thinking wait Go down a little bit more U have so much patience .....with that patience move some more STOP DIGGING YOU'VE HIT THE BOTTOM... ACTUALLY IT'S MORE GOOD NOW

    87. Alexzander Owings

      I have a suggestion for a new super troop. Super miners, instead of hitting buildings they place a dynamite (on defenses only) When the dynamite blows up the miner who placed it dies

    88. moonrock

      Please bring back global chat

    89. Bsjbsjhs Njsjszj

      His Good

    90. Bsjbsjhs Njsjszj

      His Good

    91. Crazy Rabbids

      Next card: *Electro hound*

      1. Big Iron Cheems

        wrong clash place bud

    92. Mango Boy

      I want to sell my class of clan id 😍 anyone want my id.. So contact me


      Lava pups are less cuter than ice pups

    94. ALFITO Octa Redho

      Restore global chat in clash of clans 😢😢

    95. ツMateo

      Idk for you guys but i want this in clash royale

    96. Juan david Caceres muñoz

      Ya hace 1 año que juego este juego y me gustaría dar algunas recomendaciones para la siguiente actualización: 1. Que se pueda recoger una cantidad fija de castillo de clan mas especifico que uno pueda elegir cuanto quiere sacar de la tesorería 2.que hallan dos tipos de laboratorios uno para tropas de elixir rosa y otro de elixir oscuro ya que muchas veces uno tiene todo al máximo para subir de nivel de ayuntamiento pero se queda estancad por el laboratorio Eso es todo espero y supercell lea esto

    97. BigD

      The real question is do we gonna see that in cr? :)

      1. BigD

        @memes by hudz u never know!

      2. memes by hudz


    98. Madhuri Pawar

      I think supercell took less efforts in ice hound's design