Working the Clashmas Shift | Clash-A-Rama | Clash Of Clans

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    Clashmas is for everyone, even Barbarians assigned guard duty on Clashmas Eve (and greedy Goblins too) ❤️ 🥳 🎁 🎄
    Merry Clashmas, Chiefs!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Meister Monsieur

      Joe mama

    2. Chan Meri

      the only reason i clicked this video cause in the thumbnail it has the headhunter

    3. DerpySkydude

      Alright what do i have to do to not pay 500 gems for an obstacle shovel apparently level 1 giants cant do it fine

    4. TheIntrovert

      *Christmas In Coc Is Crazy They Even Need A Hammer To Make That Carrot go Through The Snow*

    5. Seki Services

      MERRY CLASH MAS!!!! To one and all

    6. Droman master

      she look like Korra

    7. OfficialMNGaming

      0:33 Attack On Titan (wall titan) Reference (Maybe)

    8. Simi Land

      0:32 thought there's a titan inside the walls😳

    9. Wallymu

      these were always the best


      Gigante elétrico nessa série que tal galera comenta aí

    11. محمد ناجي


    12. ALi Modabber

      Please add Persian subtitles

    13. Charls Dave_ EM


    14. Thịnh Đức Nguyễn

      Do more about clash of arama pls🙏🏻

    15. Zi Shen Kee

      They made fire from THE LOGs

    16. Jhast Agudgai

      0:31 I thought some titan was hiding in those walls

    17. Derpy Hooves

      “oH i’M fRoM tHe ClAn ThAt JuSt RaIdEd YoUr ViLlAgE”


      This happens every time when just 1 wall is less.

    19. Danny DeCheeto

      Achievement unlocked: *wholesome*

    20. redstone monstrosity

      TH8 with a royale champion

    21. Moisés Hernández

      Damn, that healer is really thiccmas

    22. JUAN Gal

      The Royal Champion coming through, she looks good in Clash-a-Rama!

    23. Exelero92

      I just realized they burned the log, they killed a living being with fire! They burned him to death...

    24. Jairus Raven Porlares

      1:25 rip the log, why log hates clash mas

    25. Football 123

      Can you guys make long episodes again

    26. باسل العلي


    27. Pbao2011

      1:21 nice a yeti

    28. Rata Rara

      एफव् thi हवाह् रह्वा

    29. Fauveth


    30. Turtle Poking

      Imagine if clash gave us Christmas lights for the walls

    31. LIAM PH

      We want more Clash a rama I watched all the episodes we need NEW ones Let's Vote 👇Like if you also want

    32. 如诗

      this th aint even lvl 9 and it has a flipin yeti with it

    33. Raza Gilani

      Merry logmas!!!

    34. Lazer Tech12

      Just now watching this lmfao

    35. Leonard Fittschen

      When is season 3 coming!!!!!

    36. Sunay Sharma

      Or maybe you could've just let the barb in the village 🙄

    37. Marius Tan

      Yay their back!

    38. Joe Bob

      Can we all just take a second to wonder why all the goblins tossing the healer 00:28

    39. Zisis Chartampilas


    40. Crawly Boi

      Add a burger spider

    41. Naru Hina 2002

      Deck the walls with lights and flowers. falalala lalalala

    42. Blue Kunt

      *why does the healer look bad af*

    43. Thunder Lightning

      1:56 is that a builder? How

    44. Egert Reiman

      2:12 two B Kings???

    45. Princeuriel Gonzalvo

      1:06 new troop spotted snow giant

    46. Thunner Plays

      Me wondering where those electrical wire came from.

    47. Hyper Blaze

      I’ve missed Clash A Rama glad it’s still going strong

    48. حسين العكيلي


    49. Riley And miles

      Yay clash a rama is back

    50. the two amazing tacos

      0:33 I thought it was attack on Titan for a moment

    51. Lukas Jak

      O:10 2 bk's

    52. حسن البصري


    53. Burak Akın

      1:25 NOOO LOG!!

    54. PrimalX60

      Wait wait wait wait wait wait....0:09 two Kings.....that's illegal

    55. Ashton Halle


    56. barritoo thy


    57. An Aggressive Cow Plant

      Epilogue: The village's kindness was their undoing. Because they were all outside the walls, the wiped out the village entirely, starting with the troops. It was an absolute massacre. Moral of the story children, support your friends, as long as they aren't in a position that might be hazardous to your health.

    58. Eevee


    59. Jervy Miguel Ilao

      Merry logma's too

    60. Kia Xiong

      Why always the level 4 walls tho kinda triggers me ngl

    61. Kehhel Buildntr

      Eating hay days mascot I see...

    62. tanzim gaming


    63. Vilma Pineda

      is funny that they've done that for 3 years and still in th 7 og know what im talking about

    64. tran trongtuong

      i don't know head hunter is very short

    65. Allan García

      0:33 AOT reference

    66. Need_ Fortnite_Speed_heat BG

      Pls more animations

    67. Romel Cruz

      Barb King: hoho Im From The Clan Just Raided your village Me: Didn't Hear The Sound Of Them Raiding. Also Me: Ok....

    68. Thelaw88898

      this made me smile besides the fact that’s it’s not even christmas

    69. IRB- Im Really Bored

      This is the reason i came back. The Royal champ and headhunter was so bizarre for me! I was more surprised when they took down global chat

    70. Dalia Domy

      Finally they are appreciating units like the headhunter

    71. Ray Han

      Wait, what is her name?

    72. Sourav Choudhury


    73. foxa 0109

      Year Calash.A.Rams i missed it so

    74. ImClangBtw

      0:09 why do i see 2 barb kings?!

    75. part 3 DIO

      we just gonna ignore how there's 2 barbarian kings? oh nevermind

      1. part 3 DIO

        @HyperRaids ok *doesn't delete it*

      2. HyperRaids

        Then delete Le Comment

    76. Sheeja Jiju

      Did anybody notice that they also put a log into the fire. 🌳➕🔥➡️😱😱😱

    77. Anton Hilman

      fun fact the head hunter is a female (read her descripsion in coc)

    78. lolman


    79. Nicholas Casassa

      I wish we could see more clash a rama of the new troops like headhunters, yetis, and the royal champion

    80. pouria m


    81. Gavin Taylor


    82. Daishinkan_909

      I like the fact that tho giants are bruisers yhey speak lot of wise words

    83. Daishinkan_909

      Did anyone else notice they burned log

    84. life of a 12 year old

      I love this game and this channel

    85. life of a 12 year old

      They killed my baby dragon tissue the season too. Be sad

    86. Bane of the ring

      update na 100 members per clan hihi

    87. Laxmi Karki

      like what

    88. Laxmi Karki

      litteraly at the start there wher TWO kings

    89. Nino's Pokemon

      Aww....Headhunter is so cute and little here.

    90. James Johan

      When th 14 clash of clans

    91. Adan Phu

      I wonder who’s behind the voice Ahh! So cute! 😝 When an archer dies and goes to heavens hehe 😝😝

    92. Choi Marquez

      1:29 i didn't know builders can cook. I mean he is wearing a chef hat

    93. Jai Cray


    94. Helen Dinh


    95. Helen Dinh

      The log was Burning

    96. Ronny Irawan

      Supercell i haved a hacking enemy report .

    97. Atanu Deka

      Ending 😍😀😀

    98. Ali Asaf Gelir

      Pls new animation

    99. Amado Dario

      Sounds like its saying Squirtle