The Legend Of The Ice Hound (Clash Of Clans)

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Harpreet Singh Chauhan

      1:15 after watching this video my desire to taste that elixir increased by 💯 %

    2. Donwafles

      0:44 the best part XD

    3. Donwafles


    4. Ryan GD

      0:54 7u7

      1. Ryan GD

        @My soul left ?

      2. My soul left


    5. Charbel Makhoul

      Super wiz got demolished

    6. Anika Fritsch

      were waiting for this in clash royale

    7. Sudhrit Sarkar

      Rest in freeze super wizard

    8. Ridiculous Ralph 2518

      didnt he forget to tell the ending though lol total game changer. 😂😂😂😂😂

    9. Azeem Gaming

      ive always a crush on that lady villager

    10. Tenshi Senpai69

      Bro the villager making me act up tho😩

    11. Carlos Diazcruz

      0:54 Imagine getting that villager troop


      0:55 just look at the wizard smile XD x0.25 slow and you will see rhe wizard smile


      If lava hounds are actually this strong

    14. AnimesDrip _

      Yoo that villager female Lowkey fine

    15. BARYON GER20

      That elixir looks so good I want to drink it

    16. Sanu Gautam

      0:42 Bravest villager

    17. patato patato

      mobile game adds now: only 1% can beat level 1 mobile games 2012:

    18. sufiyan khan 1q


    19. neelkamal pathak

      I was thinking the goblins were drinking elixer lol

    20. Zite2 Zite2

      Finally a villager who attacks and not a villager who claps at trees like their mentally hurt

    21. Brandon Ramos

      we need global back

    22. Metro Danny

      Makunta lasabo😂😂😂😂

    23. Ponch2007

      Clash A Rama?

    24. Pastaboiii-BS Shorts

      0:24 peaple who play brawl stars ha ve herd it somewhere

    25. Yatish38

      The COC aunty is getting younger every year...

    26. HACKER

      Make animation of experience of full base of coc

    27. Diego Landa

      Live for God

    28. mauricio medina


      1. Ñanku Imilmaqui

        @mauricio medina ahh ok

      2. mauricio medina

        @Ñanku Imilmaqui pues el Código de verificación,no me ha llegado y no me deja abrir mi aldea.

      3. Ñanku Imilmaqui


    29. 〘CNB〙NANO


    30. Paulo Lagang

      Ah, Genshin Impact Logic Electro beats Cryo


      Como me gusta la aldeana 1:20 🥵🥵🥵🥵

    32. Windex Man

      ngl though i would like to see a full clash a rama episode in this style

    33. Efe cey

      And u only have to pay ur live 150 Dollars and ur son for this troup

    34. TANZ CARFT


    35. Rahul Yadav

      Where is others language subtitles 😡

    36. Generic Name 87

      Their animations look better than pretty much every Netflix original series

    37. TheEnlightenedOnes

      When ice hound trained, there is no scarf in his neck

    38. afeeqzzh

      I very miss this troop.... (El-primo) rest in peace 🌹

    39. Derek Zhou

      Ofc the chick gets untouched when the guys do.

    40. Da Ethan

      The villager used to be an old lady she got younger like ant may

    41. longest name in youtube maybe probably

      0:54 i thought he would go straight in to the attack but

    42. Mian Danish

      Ohh Archer is so cute and beautiful

    43. Algex Anime

      put pause and then the Speed ​​0.25 and they go to minute 0:54 of nothing

    44. Javexen Ix

      Ngl COC could make a movie with this animation and voice actors.

    45. Ewalk

      Villager gonna make me act up talk about being down bad 🥲

    46. Steven Ossama

      I am in love with that villager

    47. Among Us Highlights

      They are drinking elikjer 😋😋😋

    48. Zimmy YT

      i love ice hound. they are wayyyy tankier than the regular hounds. regular hounds are pretty op tho. but 10,000 hitpoints!! that's a beast.

    49. MeGaLOKS

      No one's gonna talk about the villager she's beauty!

    50. Imperador Chin

      how to boost wizard into super wizard?

    51. khalid Ashour


    52. GarRusLan Gaming

      I don't regret playing this game for 5 years

    53. Herry Tong

      To be honest if supercell make a full movie of COC they could compete with Disney for real!! The animations are so smooth tho

    54. Rosaiah Sunke

      Every wizard is a gangsta untill PEKKA shows up

    55. Sylo

      what are you doing step wizard -villager

    56. A God Damn Onion

      sorry fbi i had to do it

    57. asep M406

      Buat film full movie nya

    58. Aminul Islam chy

      My need some diamond

    59. Anmol Singh

      Builder: *This is fine*

    60. artistic raj baba

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 last moment was epic

    61. Squallycellar 25

      More MORE

    62. 440 Nabeel Bin Khalid

      0:54 Me to Gravity : You had one job

    63. ben ten

      Villager is so cute

    64. Gamer Samraat

      0:52 Hey you're stealing my credit, I had aaaaa swooooooorddddddddd . 🤕

    65. Nveenn

      Lollll the twist got me xD

    66. Gopika M

      1:24 el prmio some one copied my pose

    67. Batman

      We wants a New hero : Wizard😄

    68. Lyerox

      0:03 Butterfly! P.E.K.K.A: I want that!!! B.U.T.T.E.R..F.L.Y

    69. oyosuki ‘

      only ogs remember the last lava pup

    70. 7K ROYAL

      We need coc movie💀🥶🥶🔥

    71. Andrew the Guide

      Why do they drink elixir? I mean do we eat blood? NO.

    72. Mohamad Q


    73. Reee Lord

      Supercell: *Makes 3D Animaition* Also Supercell: *Draws Weird Animaition*

    74. sukh chain singh

      wizard osm


      I think the animations are better than the coc updates😅

    76. Umar Munir

      0:44 what wizard said she sounded like 1:19 how she actually speaks

    77. Umar Munir

      0:54 it's freezing outside but Princess is still not wearing pants


      0:56 It was too close to reveal 😍

    79. Subline_Funtime

      0:55 1 frame of villager dump truck

    80. PotatoSacGaming

      At 0:54 as she gets launched. ._. Edit: Try 0.25x If you can’t get it

    81. lesly Reséndiz

      Nesesito más clash a raya! Es una buena serie

    82. Aissu YT

      Villager kinda bad though

    83. KXtreme

      This thing is powerful af I destroyed like 4 th 13 max with it

    84. Aspiring Mane

      We need a whole movie. COC if you want a storyline hit me up.

    85. lil_soft_boi

      1:16 c'mon boiz...she pretty cute

    86. Lamin Nabam

      *Petition for Supercell to make COC movie*

    87. SPYGO

      What the heck guys stop about villager this is why coc removed global chat because of dirtiness and so friendly chats

    88. Эрхан Токторбеков

      Калдун 10 лвл

    89. DARKERS Op

      😂😂🤣it was funny

    90. RankGray

      omg is this a new animation series i stepped into by accident

    91. Sreenidhi Sree

      What about coc movie💕

    92. Queen Farjana


    93. Brandon Hood

      Bruh is no one going to talk about how the troops are drinking their own blood?

    94. Mohsen4ever

      Why does Wizard sound like Peter Griffin so much??

    95. Honar Palani

      Clash of Clans: *Age rating +9* Also Clash of Clans: 0:54

    96. Grizzly


    97. Антон Шадян

      Im love the legend of magma hound