Gingerbread Mayhem!

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    See Prue Leith’s favorite #Logmas recipe come to life!
    Try the recipe for yourself! 👉

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Karsten Laurus Rasmussen Vun

      1:22 P Predicted battle builders

    2. Fox

      1:20 spoiled hdv 14 update lol

    3. Bonk siccle

      Something about this makes me feel weird

    4. Sean Antazo

      Lmao that Witch is T H I C K🤣🤣🤣

    5. ThatOneMeme 56

      They kind of hinted at battle builders here, if anyone is still watching this in 2021

    6. Jonathan VanDenBerg

      Red looking kinda sus 1:04

    7. R41N

      They foreshadowed builder repairing buildings in battle 3 months before

    8. MTA Animations

      Town hall 15 be like: X mas town hall if you try to destroy it endless logs will try to attack the enemy’s and if it gets destroyed a log launcher


      1:20 battle builder sneek peak

    10. Dora cc

      Ye get sugar rush when ye eat to much of the village

    11. Joseph Justin

      I dont get the people that dislikes this video

    12. EvilMrDracula

      1:20 possibly hinting at the battle builder?

    13. СуПеР ЧиПсЫ

      Это так мило

    14. Abdallah Gaming

      1:00 *FiReBaLl*

    15. Raza Gilani

      What a waste for a perfectly nice cookies

    16. Raza Gilani

      The elixir is actually food coloured juice

    17. Dynamite 2006

      This is what i like game companies putting effort in their ads

    18. Malachi Woolsey

      That scene from the oven is very menacing

    19. Nurullah Biltekin

      its cookie village

    20. Robo Brax

      Wow, they leaked battle builders way back here. 1:20

    21. Its YourFam

      If your grandma is like this woman or bakes you cookies like these love her forever

    22. AJ Kurano

      1:20 , now I understand why they gave this scene, a spoiler for the battle builders.


      Battle builderss!!!!!!

    24. person and stuff

      Hint to Super baloon and battle builder


      What if this is will be one of the future updates🤔🤔

    26. حسين العكيلي


    27. Jason Shin

      balloon: drops one bomb village: alright im out

    28. Tralfagar D Law

      1:35 Super baloon CONFIRM

    29. suhana verma

      anyone notice super loon

    30. mr Random

      1:16 builder is repairing the broken building 😁😁

      1. mr Random

        @마크복돌러 YT 샌즈 TV BJ 프레디DJ샌즈박스PPAP yes I know that's why I commented

    31. Emaad Bdawe


    32. John Emmanuel Sayno

      I think there will be super balloon

    33. Ayoub Chayboub

      انا اتوقع بأنوا راه يكون هناك بالون خارق

    34. WOR X HUNTER


    35. Mark Tsang

      1:50 I expected the builder to bat it away and blow up the balloon

    36. Dallas Aleck


    37. Burak Akın

      looks like grandma forgot To upgrade defense barbarians die so hard

    38. Murad İsazadə

      Heyyyy cookieeeeee yeeeeesssss

    39. Leon Inda

      I want to eat cookies now.

    40. wahyu BY Kresek


    41. Gacha TV

      Best thing ive ever seen

    42. Hero P. Sabarre

      2:05 this what my vision look like at sand castle

    43. Muhand Rues

      When Th15

    44. mdbman

      0:47 Amongus

      1. elmayonesa


    45. Matthew Rodriguez

      This is making me hungry 🤤

    46. Rüzgâr Kaymak #saveralph

      Brawl stars is the best -_-

    47. FanaticSwordsman7161

      Wow never knew balloons are that powerful

    48. FanaticSwordsman7161

      More like a candy ball

    49. Animation Panda

      2:07 my brothers birthday

    50. emiltoshevski


    51. chocolate TR

      truly a magical battlefield

    52. Harim Monreal

      Es la cocina de piper en vida real........ ha los descubri

    53. senkapaupau

      "Your Base got Attacked!"

    54. bayani jalad

      Attack maybe barbarian i'm only one

    55. PopingRow

      Aww, poor builder.

    56. Clash of Games!

      After all of that the builder got his head bitten off😬

    57. Mechascythe

      Your ginger is being raided

    58. Jack Halton

      Wow effort

    59. 陈华


    60. Chant Homie

      I like hog rider

    61. Ortaya Karışık Tm

      İ wanna eat cookie now

    62. A

      This looks awesome

    63. Gene Catu

      Wizard gives candy to the gingerbread soldiers so they can have diabetus for leif.

    64. gabriel narvaez


    65. spaced

      This is really cool but that village is trash lol but this videos sick

    66. Concepcion Samar

      Nice story but such as a sad ending

    67. Iwin Sunil Mathews

      Supercell can u make low time to upgrade things like cuz im losing all my loots all the builders are busy so I can't spend loots

    68. No1Cares

      This not clash of clans this is crush on clans😙

    69. Martin Němčák

      The only definition of "food fight" I respect.

      1. DarkStar

        Food fight fits this video perfectly!

    70. Gene Catu

      Just realised that was a golem 1:46

    71. El_Kotok712


    72. Blue

      Lets just apriciate the work time and mony it cost just to make a 2 munite video with no ads

    73. SamuraiKaan69

      *ginger brave wants to know ur location*

    74. Tokki. EXP

      To the point:dont make cookie with Coc village refrence And plot twist:the grandma is powerful troops

    75. Hezekiah Rowland

      They just up and killed my builder like that?

    76. Fire Gamer

      we need night war clan like day war log

    77. pedro gamer oficial

      Qm achou daora?

    78. Adil Ali

      Wow what a editing

    79. Viee 101 YT

      We dont care about your undated. Only update we want is global chat back , game going dead with out it

    80. Joanne McIlraith

      Is it actually gingerbread

    81. Jumana Oan

      What she did to her gingerbread village is basically what I do to my oc's.

    82. Amir Aslani

      سلام چرا بعضی از فیلما نمیاد

    83. yara

      ماله اي علاقة بكلاش

    84. yara

      اول عربي شكله 😮

    85. The dingus Show

      Who on the maintenance break

    86. Nathan Brissett

      Omg I wanna eat them but I can’t

    87. woefje games

      Wow well done clash very well done.

    88. starcluster

      a dark ending

    89. Madnezz Playz

      at least the grandma isin't mad

    90. san san chau

      the builder say ''no my head''

    91. Qamar Sha

      Teacher- i dyed my hair orange Clash player- hii valkrie

    92. Nicko Eka

      Niat banget njir

    93. reiner abella

      Cute grandma

    94. cinamick

      gingerbread have no rights 👁👄👁

    95. Nizam baloch

      i want to buy my acc level 10 max

    96. clash of clanc


    97. Aliakbar Jafari

      عالی است