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    The LOG is coming to a Village near you. Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE?
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Leopard 3402

      When CR goes to CoC village

    2. porkypelao


    3. Ultra Boy Samyak

      0:51 El primo?

    4. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      the thing is the log hurt the lumberjack multiple times even though he made him

    5. ツZEFIX


    6. Patrick Reacts


    7. Adal Luna

      The log did all that 🤣

    8. the nightmare 18 years ago

      0:50 ouch

    9. באיבי באוזר



      And i thought logmass is on clash royale

    11. Auston Galod

      Everytime Supercell animate, it was special from me.

    12. OPW OPW

      How the log stole Christmas

    13. Sahil Verma

      Best ever Video

    14. disabledd


    15. Sachin Wadkar

      0:36 Clash Royale Players when the developers make a small business mistake.

    16. Awesome HLD

      Log: Destroys village People celebrating clashmas: We love you!!

    17. Landon J. McCall

      *LoG gOnNa GeTcHa...*

    18. OO

      And no more Clash A Rama season 3 :(

    19. Catar4ct

      When a log shows more emotion than Bella Swan

    20. SaSuke UchihA

      I love how the barbarian shakes his gift even though it's already obvious it's a sword

    21. LC Let's Play

      O final foi esplêndido 😂 a vingança do Tronco Natalino o filme 😂

    22. Sanu Gautam

      0:54 I think hog rider saw royal ghost again

    23. distorted Craig

      this is a grinch scene

    24. Rishik De Sarkar

      1:33 You Idiot! You could have cut the wood in The Jungle!

    25. Max Fragner

      You're the most beautiful tree i ever SAW!!! ~Lumberjack at logmas

    26. Ruckus Capone

      This is actually a really good story

    27. Charlie Macsween

      I still have my logmass tree up in my village

    28. Jyoonsang

      Why is no one talking about how they got a camera..

    29. Decoture

      Lmao when the hog riders voice is higher than the the rascals

    30. Lord Jack

      1:33 Tronco: *M A M A S T E*

    31. Creeper 777 YT

      Lol they should make this a horror movie

    32. Dameon Garouge

      clash royale and clash of clans

    33. Ruzal Top

      Clash Royale...

    34. Creta

      Merry Logmas, the horror movie

    35. Rofi Putra P.

      The log ❌ Racist log ✔️

    36. Lukethelightnin

      "911 what is your emergency?" "There is a log with spikes that just crushed a mother wearing a purple gown, please come Immediately." "Was anyone else hurt?" *Looks at lumberjack* "No"

      1. Bhuvnesh Singh


    37. Discocooker

      0:44 his face 😂

    38. Private Penguin

      I love Ice Spirit's voice

    39. امیر محمد محسنی


    40. حسين العكيلي


    41. حسين العكيلي


    42. Dion Silang

      The logmas is getting revenge REVENGE!

    43. Reuel Stewart

      Just make a movie already

    44. Aidan Joseph T De Leon

      Wait a log in a spike that means.. LOG LAUNCHER!?!

    45. Ross Watson

      Can I get a clash horror movie 🤣

    46. John F. Kennedy

      0:46 Next: mini pekkas doomish revenge

    47. Jason Shin

      we all gotta admit it: the log has the darkest history in the clash universe

    48. Charlesard 104

      This would make a good horror movie

    49. corvanj8 Gaming

      Wow, I guess they watched the ren and stimpy log short

    50. The Hunter

      0:17 captions log: boom beach players everyone else:the other troops

    51. Ralf Pitoy


    52. marcello Da Silva

      Log triggred

    53. Shil Pwift

      1:30 lumberjack you had one job

    54. Tanvir Ahmmed

      This log is from Final Destination

    55. Big Brain Master

      0:51 i love this scene

    56. Lord Jack Rex


    57. Incognito

      Lumberjack: *exist* The log: *So you have chosen DEATH*

    58. RAMON Gonzales


    59. Delta


    60. Pyro Without Goggles

      god the ice spirit sounds so cursed to how he sounds in clash royale

      1. Pyro Without Goggles

        Like really, the ice spirit sounds like he has Strep throat or something

    61. RhZ_GaMeR

      Warning: No cards where harm in the making of this video

    62. i don't know guys

      0:39 positive elixir trade

    63. Gabs

      Tree :D

    64. Жирная Я


    65. Mik Doelmanat

      0:55 when the teacher forgets homework and that one kid reminds the teacher

    66. daniel styer

      how the log stole christmas.....

    67. Carlos_ 1434

      *Horror movie be like*

    68. Omarplaysty

      Poor builder

    69. Ion Torp

      Royal champion Being an idiot for ten seconds Me: tREee

    70. John Shawn Carmona

      Everybody talking about the log in coc Even tho the ice spirit, ram rider, electro wizard, rascals, lumber jack, princess, and the bandit are in the village


      I like how the log runs over the lumber Jack several times and then comes back the last time and just jumps all over him

    72. Leo Pires

      1:37 1:39 -handwriting always matters 😂

    73. Lallaine Jeciel

      Mmmm... The log/The logber jack!!

    74. peyton coates

      Ok that's cool but how has no one noticed the ice spirit sounds like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch?

    75. Juegenz Mangala budiono

      I like Christmas because I born on December

    76. Aj Arroyo

      Still waiting for clash of clans the movie

    77. ScreamMario

      Clash Royale clan name is -Haze; Our tag is *C09P2G9*. We are active in donations but we're looking for war fighters. If you need cards and is willing to fight in war, please consider joining us. Message code: D82ZD439WHD3DIQMIICE, this was done by a bot, please inform me if the video is not appropriate for this comment and I'll take it down.

    78. Gorjincho xD

      The log 😫

    79. YoSoyKevinDavid

      a beautiful chapter ❤

    80. James Andrew Caballero

      Man the mini pekka Is small in this animated But in clash royale is half the size of pekka 😅😅

    81. Ghost Gaming & Vlogs YT

      0:44 that poor builder just look at his face

    82. gameplay entertainment

      Anybody notice this is a thing form the grinch

    83. Acar K.

      If you search nick the chopper, you will encounter something amazing.

    84. Mr. Krabs

      I think it should've been called no more clash a rama seasons

    85. Nova Blast

      So lumber jack was drunk or high when cutting the log?

    86. Kaan Deligöz

      No more clashmas because there is a problem called brawl stars

    87. BASALcrown MAHass

      They could literally make a whole movie

    88. فيدوهات التيك طوك مضحك


    89. Egg Nog

      The giants seem to have gotten bigger :D

      1. John Shawn Carmona

        The scale of coc is kinda confusing. The heroes are bigger than the troops, but giant is bigger than the hero.


      Looks like a pixar movie

    91. Dude Amazing

      I got back into the game literally the same week the log became unavailable, missed my only chance to get it :(

    92. venom X

      😂😂😂 Asom

    93. 3bnany - عبناني

      شباب أنا مظلوم في الدعم يا ريت تدعموني بقدم محتوى و مونتاج إحترافي فضلا و ليس أمرا إشتركو بارك الله فيكم .

    94. deondre young

      Make a movie

    95. Antonio Sicilia


    96. Widhi Setyawan

      Dead game. But nice commercial..

    97. Jasper Chung

      Fact: everything restarted after that

    98. KingBacon

      I still feel bad for the builder

    99. Leon

      Sorry I write wrong, Clashmas or logmas