Clash Worlds Warmup FINALS - Clash of Clans

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    Is there a totally new OP attack strategy we’ve never seen before?! Who has saved their best defense layouts for today? With $40,000 on the line and only the best 4 teams left we’re at the FINALS of Worlds Warmup!
    Prepare to see the best Clash of Clans TH13 gameplay where the most common attack strategies become EPIC in the pro players' hands. Royal Champion Invisibility Spell trick? Super Wizard Blimp? Mass Inferno Dragons? Super Witches? Zap LaLo? Skelly Donut? You name it, these Clash of Clans LEGENDS got it!
    Tune in LIVE to see the best attackers in the world attacking the strongest Town Hall 13 defense layouts in the entire game!
    3rd place match
    FINAL (Bo3)
    The Worlds Warmup FINALS will be casted by Judo Sloth and iTzu!
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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. ROGUE GAMING_01


    2. Ram Sakthi

      I like it

    3. Lakshay sharma

      Join my clan team invite

    4. الأميرة

      اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

    5. Canvisje

      Why do I need to wait 12 mins

    6. Jose Doe

      2:15:10 personal tinestamo piyush trolling

    7. Martin Diro


    8. a4 styryes

      how many people love family? 👍

    9. Jiii Piii

      While in south east asia mostly Philippines famous game here is Mobile legends while in the west they still playing Coc beside dota 2

    10. حسين العكيلي


    11. İsmail

      Nediyonuz bişiy anlamıyorum

    12. Zeinb Jasim

      احلى لايك لايك روعه

    13. Rongmei Rongmei

      Base are keep in easy way

    14. birry cells

      The nerves got better of indian-clashers the should have won this tournament 😄

    15. حسين علاء

      اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد

    16. majed gemar

      I want the game link

    17. jonnathan acula

      4:00:56 Poor king 🥶

    18. rospoho

      Vale is the best player in the world

    19. Hassen Hassen

      اللهم صلي على محمد وآل محمد الطيبين الطاهرين

    20. Parshv Patel

      What the player is Piyush 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 god like game

    21. disko dansa

      And who won the warmup atn atax or ht family

      1. disko dansa


    22. Bsjbsjhs Njsjszj


    23. فاضل الساعدي


    24. Yusufbilgen YT

      What? 4 hours?

    25. Jamdaro

      The most successful move for sc putting those commentaries, first time I watch and enjoy the commentary without any fake and over reaction

    26. Clash with Aman

      Op attacks wow ❤❤😇😇

    27. انة /صكارك

      Irrit your pottery

    28. Aakash Shah

      Indian clasher should have been in finals rather than HT Family

    29. SiD

      Superb boys good job Indian player's ❤️

    30. Abdullah Jutt

      Please make a new troop !!! In th 9

    31. Crystal Stanleya

      The best game, everyone advised to download it and thank you❤🌹❤😘


      العراقين اثبتو وجودكم

    33. PRO GAMER


    34. Frankie

      Just a question, how do the healers stay on the queen with other troops nearby??

      1. OrishiraNHY

        they cant unlees queen is healing continously

    35. Trump Socks


    36. Dilan Meegodavithana

      No sounds bro

    37. Nausadul Rifat

      2:57:31 What happened to the wizard tower ?

      1. Tryhard Expert

        He was celebrating 😂


      I am see your vidio from iran your vidia is very good💪💪💪💪

    39. Realistic


    40. Ainur Rahman

      Skin limited queen pliss

    41. Gapeh0rn

      Why Judo look likes he’s being held hostage ? Super Cell🤔?

    42. Florian Bischoff

      3 black mines and a tornado with one ballon. i dont see any better value ^^

    43. dan the sausage 123

      20 secs

    44. sean shan


    45. asdf ghjkl

      The commentary is awfully long and kinda boring sometimes. They should bring other commentators in as well, Woody, though irritating, was quite entertaining for me....

    46. real decades

      I wil sell my townhall 10 max !!

    47. Tuyên Vũ

      ANT nó đánh găt thật

    48. Prithvi Rathore

      awesome commentary with full knowledge

    49. Mosab nasr favourite game

    50. Мурат Толбасиев

      Казактар кордма озі

    51. حسين حسين

      السلام عليكم 🤣🤣

    52. Firoz Khan


    53. كريتوز WERT

      Minecraft pro clash of clans noob هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    54. غاده وغصن

      الله واكبر

    55. فاطمه عرب


    56. IGNITE

      Am i only one who is waiting for the game to back from maintanence break so i came here

    57. AMIN كيمينك

      لا لا

    58. AMIN كيمينك

      لا لا

    59. AMIN كيمينك

      او او

    60. AMIN كيمينك


    61. AMIN كيمينك



      How many of you want global chat back...???

    63. مجید برجی

      دمتون گرم

    64. Elfaq Mehraliyev


    65. Nurhida Tiblani

      I'm still no money and I'm still on crystal

    66. RECONEK

      Tribe is here

    67. Sweet Heart

      Kuch v base bana lo .... 3star kor dega banda .... power of Air statergy



    69. Ryan chhetri


    70. narges kashani


    71. انہیں موسی

      انا احسابي فيها المستوى ٦

    72. Piuzinho


    73. Star Wars345

      I clicked on this and it’s in 30 secs lol

    74. Нургазы Мамасыдыков

      Можно вам задать вапрос у меня втрой база все 9уревня там кристаль полно ишшо уличшить будите нет или что делать скажите пж

    75. heinz beans

      Petition to add a Dragon’s Breath spell that basically lights stuff on fire (a dragon flies across the screen and burns the targeted buildings)

    76. Agrus Z

      Clasher dari Indonesia yang masih setia di COC mana in.. Ayo ramaikan disini

    77. Winston H

      Great job Itzu and Judo. Wonderful tournament and enjoyed every YT video.

    78. Wulan Damar

      Super sell anjing sekarang mah coc g seperti dulu permainan ny.

    79. Indian gaming

      जो भी इस Comment को पढ रहा है उनके पुरे परिवार को हमेशा खुश रहे,

    80. JSB-G - JO7O-G

      Live in Clash of Clans From

    81. TouchMeNot TMN

      This game is lowest IQ I ever played. The Queen is attacking the wall even she can reach the building.

    82. S4UR0N

      En mä nyt 4 tuntii jaksa kattoo uhhh👏

    83. game zone

      Please. Give me gold pass

    84. Manthan Mehta

      Very amazing job judo and itzu.. Nice commentary on every attack.. So well done✌👍👍

    85. Aquilinegaming

      3:08:43 English compacted

    86. Jew apple

      Kind of sad to see the great Itzu commentating and not actually crushing bases.

      1. Marcus Stannius

        Kind of true, I miss him as a pro player but also I love his commentary🔥

    87. Abhay Chaudhary

      Hammer jam is on the edge boys😎😎

    88. Abhay Chaudhary

      Nice played Indian clashers Destruction se jit gye ht family Vrna aap ek dm mst ho❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


      1:25:12 what was that

      1. VibStwo

        It's itzu's ipad

      2. Zetagipp

        Lol someone forgot to charge their device. Also it's spanish.

    90. Jack Haryadi

      Beautifully atk on 3:03:45 and 3:07:55


      Quien me une a un clan activo ;( por favor lo necesito

    92. Sohil Sangle

      because of usless championship matches th 14 is launching .what about we clashers struggling for base max .u guys getting free of gems .really irritating thing

    93. David Huang

      3:54 Itzu: lalo23. Judo Sloth laughed lmao

    94. King Naruto

      I love my india.....congrats for top 3

    95. Zeyab Abdallah


    96. MD.Abdullah Arman

      ATN was and shall stay my favourites......

    97. santhosh sr

      HT family don’t deserve the 2nd place

      1. TREB GAMING

        You dont even desrve to say that.

      2. MD.Abdullah Arman

        I'm pretty sure they do.... Otherwise they wouldn't have got it.... 😑🙄

    98. ulothrix

      India is op❤️❤️

    99. SKORPID -TM

      1:05:43 that warden has high iq