3 NEW CLASH Games Announcement!

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    We're excited to announce 3 new Clash games in development: Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes!
    Announcement blog: supr.cl/3cJ6MXr
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    Clash Mini
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    Clash Heroes
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    Published on 21 day ago


    1. Clash of Clans

      Thank you to the Clash community for all the support you've given, we hope you enjoyed the announcement! ❤️

      1. Magda Xaratishvili


      2. Ponch2007

        will Clash-A-Rama come back?

      3. TRASH&Morfin

        Add Global

      4. Rk _ Brawl Stars

        Yesssssss the third game is the best !!!

      5. The Legendary Bigfoot

        Make one for the xbox one please again!!

    2. William Burt

      Clash heroes looks live asf🔥🔥🔥

    3. Chepi [GD]

      These games sound amazing! I just have one question, will clash heroes be available to play on pc/Mac? Since it’s made with unreal engine I think there’s much more diversity in the different platforms :D

    4. Andrea bilokapić

      I cant wait for clash heroes

    5. бабл квасер2005

      Clash Heroes 🥰

    6. sergio aedo

      Saquen ya clash mini

    7. HEVAL NO:

      Selamın aleyküm

    8. Xx_Bikoll_xX

      Clash heroes: come out. Brawl stars: left the chat

    9. Arhan güney

      I can't wait for it

    10. alphatrax

      Wait so there is a mini mini peka

    11. Muhammad hakim Baihaqi

      I hope all of these Clash can always be exist until my offspring

    12. Azul Clash

      The truth does not paint well, for example to e had thousands of ideas for supercell I am a fan since Clash of clans and it seems to me that in the face of improvement worsen I would like to say my ideas but as always supercell prefers pay to win

    13. Jayden Larman

      I would really like Clash Hero’s is keeps the basic art style and that’s what I like

    14. Fabiian Tomass

      I'm still gonna play Clash of Clans

    15. Lost G4mer

      I love clash heroes

    16. Lonely boy Hayden

      Hey good idea clash cooking

    17. Lucas Parakhoodi

      They look so bad clash of clans and brawl stars are still the best

    18. Haze • Sypp

      Clash Heroes is my favourite game . It remembers me of Skylanders :)

    19. Shane House

      Clash Heroes would be my 1st choice , but I would never stop playing Brawl Stars

    20. Ognjen Vranic

      Clash heroes looks fire but clash mini and quest look bad

    21. Juan Pablo Romero Chavez

      Ya quiero clash heros

    22. Muti_Astra

      Türkler burdami

      1. ali elçi

        Evet burada bence en güzeli clash heroes en kötüsü Quest ama minide güzel

    23. Developer PRO

      When do you publish Clash quest (or another game)?

    24. Ninja Hitam #1

      Too much strategy , my brain getting explode

    25. BlueDemon 69

      Clash heros is epic😍😍

    26. Carla Meßingfeld

      All super cool games

    27. Baked Potato

      Damn some guys just kicked my whole clan out...🙃

    28. Team game

      I want to download it but I cant

    29. Melih

      6:50 The name of the opponent xddd

    30. Gautam Menon

      Oh look, Clash of clans and Clash royale had children!!! 😊😊😊

    31. el principe verde

      When, when?????

    32. Monki Monké

      Why does white guy on clash quest team have asian accent and why does asian guy on clash quest team not have accent

    33. Mark Lantsev


    34. Mark Lantsev

      Суперселл айди

    35. dgidwani1

      COC trying to enter in battle Royale through clash hero's nice strategy

    36. TheWiseDaddy

      Good job now you guys saved your arrows's values of going down and supercell closing

    37. dgidwani1

      Clash hero's wanting for yaa 🥰😍😘

    38. rank one

      It would be awesome if you would make a battle royale game in the universe of clash. Clash heroes has potential to do it

    39. ArTrailfanRaf214

      Clash heroes looks sick cant wait for it.

    40. Code CC2

      Video starts at 5:16

    41. 고래찡

      클래시 히어로즈 기대됩니다! 친구랑 같이 해야쥐~~ 그리고 클로 업뎃해주세요!ㅠㅠ

    42. Willker Wallace

      Anbient Brawl Stars S2 S2.

    43. KING'S crown

      Please don't play supercell games. Super cell has swiped my Indian bank account without my knowledge through upi transaction because of playing brawalstars

    44. Wash2K

      Clash Heroes looks like Minecraft Dungeons lol, definitely going to be my favorite one

    45. Uxqo

      Can’t wait!

    46. JR Carenan

      yayyyy 3 new games

    47. MrProteeus

      BROOOO!!!! Was that a skeleton with an Afro!!!?????

    48. ERROR 404 !!!

      Supercell should make a moba game...thumbs up for agree/support

    49. Ramon Sarkis

      Comming Clash quest's in germany?

    50. Isaiah Lew

      Clash heroes looks Awesome

    51. Integrality_slow

      Can you pls put them in Canada 🇨🇦

    52. Zox Art

      THE GOBLIN KING after so many clickbait videos its finally real

      1. William Burt

        Lmao I remember that

    53. Manas Choudhary

      Clash Heroes looks the most easy to get into but I'll try all games.

    54. Fg I

      Clash mini looks so nice😂

    55. Steez


    56. Hour Thaibo

      I love all of them and keep up good work

    57. Joshryl Parb

      I wish you can't kill it

    58. Amigo Last


    59. kakashi 69

      You guys should have made clash heroes instead of brawl stars or like Incorporated clash more in brawl Stars and made it part of the clash saga instead of new characters

      1. kakashi 69

        To be honest I would much rather prefer clash heroes

    60. Демон Бро

      Clash of stars😄

    61. Sladjana Glisic

      The best day of my life

    62. Mr creeper barış

      I like heroes the most

    63. FF GAMER

      Clash heroes is the game where I can have fun with my boys


      I loved all the games supercell

    65. Big Boss

      Dead game

    66. Subha Mondal

      We want a clash movie plz supercell made a movie of a game

    67. twantO 12

      Clash Heroes is the opposite of Clash Mini. and it's cool!!

    68. Sanu Gautam

      8:24 New troop royal cook

    69. ryaan

      i hope there are offline games soon

    70. manish dhasmana

      Love from India hope this will stop freefire

    71. Alphie

      So your telling me walls still need a builder to be free just to upgrade them INSTANTLY

    72. Deeerran

      These games look amazing

    73. James Jackson

      Ok so clash mini is TFT ... But no fusing?

    74. Oliver Dela Cruz

      clash hero im waiting for you =)

    75. Igori Nortes

      So, the games should be released soon: "Boom Beach:Frontlines","Clash Quests","Clash Mini" and "Clash Heroes"!:)))

    76. Коля Колашников

      there is no interest in the fact that all your games with the Internet need to be played, you do not have more than one game that can be played without the Internet, or make the same offline current, something like a copy😔😪

    77. Özhan Özhan

      My favorite game Clash Heroes

    78. michael dupont

      Bro every one talking about clash hero’s what about mini it looks so cool

      1. MuhammedAli 5509

        I like all of them But mini so cute

    79. Stark Infinity

      May clash of clans developers change the graphics of the heroes pets they look childish......😆

      1. Plastic Beetle

        Is healers looking like angel doesn't not feel like childish

    80. Viohzen

      clash mini looks cool

    81. MemerCat

      clash heroes would be even crazier if you could make your own dungeon, and attack other people's dungeons!!!

    82. sonico gamer animações



      When will the global chat go back?

    84. Mohammad JD

      definitely clash heros is the best

    85. Taleunder e

      Clash Heroes looks really good but i hope the game doesn't be too easy

    86. Снюсоман 228

      Как по мне-clash mini выглядит самой свежей

    87. MaxTap

      Comment section:Wow Clash heroes!


      Thank You Supercell

    89. clash of clans channel for you

      Clash hero is good for me

    90. Anak Walker

      I think clash heroes need more skill like MLBB

    91. Anak Walker

      Clash...clash.....clashhh, what the mean of clash???!!

    92. Λ Σ

      Kudos to the team, it's kinda early to say this, but the other two are pretty basic. I hope they're gonna get some major interesting upgrade! As for CLASH HEROES, I'm sold!

    93. MNG - Montaj Bey

      I think, Clash heroes is better than clash mini and clash quest I loved clash heroes🤩🤩

    94. Ronak Tailor

      Supercell plzz help me to grow my channel RT STAR GAMER MORE SO THAT I ALSO SHOW MY ATTACK STRETEGY TO ALL

    95. Tomatenfressen _12

      Pls no PaytoWin

    96. IAM sevou

      O m g clash herose is very good..... 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍

    97. salud zh

      I LOVE Clash mini 😍😍😍

    98. Mauricio Fernandez

      Touko has the most spanish accent I have ever seen in my life

      1. L3gend

        @Mauricio Fernandez Ok 😀

      2. Mauricio Fernandez

        @L3gend His accent reminds me of a Spanish person speaking english

      3. L3gend

        Hes finnish

    99. Rabbit maouh

      We want a 3d type game from supercell🙏