Clash Worlds Warmup Quarterfinals - Clash of Clans

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    Which attack strategy will be the most successful? Will Inferno Dragon attacks continue being strong, or are classics like Queen Charge Hybrid proving why they’re among the best Town Hall 13 attacks?
    Only the top 8 teams are left!! Which team will master the best Town Hall 13 defense layouts? Can they bait their attackers to fail their Queen Charges and Super Wizard Blimps?! There is only one way to find out! Tune in LIVE for the Worlds Warmup to see the best attackers and the best defense layouts IN THE WORLD!
    1st match: ATN.aTTaX vs eleVen Original
    2nd match: Ni Chang Dance vs TOMPINAI EMPIRE
    3rd match: INDIAN CLASHERS vs Darkest MuZhan
    4th match: H.T Family vs Vatang
    Worlds Warmup is casted by two legendary Clash of Clans content creators: Judo Sloth and iTzu! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to them for amazing Clash of Clans strategy and content!
    Judo Sloth:
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    Darkest MuZhan: DarkestMuZhan
    eleVen Original: eleven_original
    H.T Family: HT_Family_coc
    INDIAN CLASHERS: IndianClashers7
    Ni Chang Dance
    TOMPINAI EMPIRE: TompinaiEmpire
    Vatang: VatangCoC
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Carsen Campbell

      beakers lab could destroy these bases, they suck why are they boxes?? I'm town hall 11 and I could beat these. lol

    2. Amar xx


    3. مقتد احمد


    4. الأميرة

      اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

    5. حسوني حسوني


    6. حسوني حسوني

      مكو عراقي

    7. احمد هادي جاسم

      احلا لايك

    8. mastok21 channel

      Clash worlds warmup quarterfinals.. great friend.. tks 👌

    9. فاطمه عباس

      احلى لايك😂

    10. a4 styryes

      how many people love family? 👍

    11. Ahmed_ Yt


    12. أم موسى

      اللهم صلِّ على محمد وال محمد

    13. حسين العكيلي

      جميل استمر

    14. حسن البصري

      اللهم صلي علي محمد وال محمد

    15. الورده البيضاء

      احلا لايك احلا لايك ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    16. Zeinb Jasim

      احلى لايك لايك روعه

    17. Tjjh Jyhu

      اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد

    18. Hassan 3dart

      اكلوا خرة

    19. Hassan 3dart

      حرامية ... خايسسن .. قذارة

    20. ام زهراء

      خوش لعبه

    21. birry cells

      Indian flashers bases are actually good

    22. حسين حسين

      يامرحبا يامرحبا

    23. fahad fahad


    24. ال ال


    25. Ali Ali


    26. حسين العراقي


    27. زهراء محمد حسين عبدالساده

      اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد

    28. QAZAQFAM.888

      Brawl stars

    29. Crystal Stanleya

      The best game, everyone advised to download it and thank you 😘😘😘

    30. Ly er

      How much money they get if they win.

    31. حمزة الديواني

      ماكو واحد عربي😂

    32. Palabow

      judo sloth!!

    33. Carlos Miguel

      @2:10:34 everyone was rooting for Kartik in the previous round, now he failed BIG time hahahahaha

    34. Nitesh Pandit

      Indian 😎❤️

    35. Hamoodi 99

      Wow playing a nice hobby

    36. جعفر\ Gafar

      ماكوو عرب هنا😓😓😓😭

      1. جعفر\ Gafar

        @كبرياء رجل 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 الحمد لله

      2. كبرياء رجل


    37. homaun madahi

      Based on the game of individuals and tribes who play very well and spend a lot, Supercell quickly enters the new city hall and unfortunately deprived the Iranian players who have to bother with a general golden ticket. Unfortunately, Supercell support does not answer the player whenever you have a question that they do not want to answer. Many times, everyone asked to reduce the cost of upgrading the walls and the time to upgrade the heroes, but to no avail.

    38. اشرف الجرمي

      ♥🙈I love you Clash from 2015

    39. Nausadul Rifat

      Sc should add one more xbow in th13.

    40. LORD REZA

      how's carbonfin?

    41. JSB-G - JO7O-G

      Live in Clash of Clans

    42. N.F 》GAMMER《

      Can i participate??

    43. Drake

      old attack : 4 kind of troops army now: all troops

    44. bibek karky

      This game is getting boring....quitting after 7 years playing

    45. Egmedio Marcelo

      pls come over to my daughter clan so we can go to war Tin is the leader thank you very much. clan is new we need members

    46. Alamir Ali

      ولا واحد عربي😅💔

      1. حمزة الديواني


      2. Alamir Ali

        @حسام المحمداوي ❤️

      3. حسام المحمداوي

        حبيبي والله 💔😲

    47. Jack Innes-green

      1:29:35 anyone know what Itzu was saying? Even judo couldn’t answer it 😂😂😂

    48. DJ Splin

      Я за 3 секунды до начала зашёл


      Azeri wants a flag 🇦🇿

    50. Illia Denysenko

      53:26 Judo is falling asleep :D

    51. Aakash Shah

      iTzu! Support from me

    52. lizard gothic

      Am not fluent in English so I understand itzu very well but judo I find it hard to understand all. Judo is too fluent. I wish I could talk like judo.

      1. Spectral Quill

        I think you mean accent

    53. Сева король нубов и Мира покемон

      What in yours cartoons 2d clash rama what in

    54. Robin Singh

      STFUUU judoo, u dont have to yell everything ... freakin annoying lad

    55. Diamond Nyasar


    56. Ruksana Rashid

      Queen walkers are best

    57. ƤᏒტƑᏋSΛᏒ Ƥlαγѕ Clαѕн

      1:12:40 GYY IS A GOD you were always my fav since last worlds would love to see you in action more

    58. Cristian Oliveira

      Global Chat please!!!

    59. Akila Maduranga

      How to join this world war

    60. Uzumaki Samsul

      Where indo 45 family global 2 cwl

    61. hüseyin şahin

      Yuru lan

    62. V I G N E S H

      Well done Indian clashers 🇮🇳❤️

    63. Katin Lopher


    64. Aarya Mayya K

    65. Mobile MK


    66. THE WOLF


    67. Morning Wood

      Let’s go Maicol (D)ouble (P)enetration!

    68. Nguyen Duc


    69. Vimar Saspa

      O sheyt

    70. Viraj Lyngdoh


    71. MR. X

      My favorite team is atn.attack

    72. Among us Family

      125th Commenter on this Video

    73. Mika Bobo

      53:23 judo takes advantage of technical difficulty and takes a quick nap ...

      1. Ali Qubati

        sloths love to sleep all day but this sloth is poor they forced him to cast for 3 hours he cant hold himself he needs naps

      2. Raju Shrivastava


      3. Orlin Adson

        Lol :D

      4. Mika Bobo

        @The USfilmster I cant tell if itzu is smiling at the situation or judo's face

      5. The Youtubester

        Lol xD

    74. balu baluzz

      Indian clashers😍😍😘

    75. Gam Nguyen

      Cho clash of clan về lại vn đi


      Why does their bases have holes? They can close up the walls

      1. Laser Cat

        It messes with queen ai which makes queen charges a bit tricky.

    77. Holden Schwindt

      betcha won’t like my comment

    78. Wildan Hasani

      Wahh mainnya hebat 👏👏👏

    79. 12Mrcool RBLX

      lol why do they put so much into a mobile game clan war, first opening shot of this event i was like "wow ok why is that necessary". not to mention how excited they are lol that aside, wow great attacks and defensive bases

    80. TheResistance45


    81. Tamim

      ht family soo unpredictable great team

    82. Tamim

      ni chang dance is soo unlucky

    83. SKORPID -TM

      Audio and video were not in sync at 28:27 lol

    84. PooDot StinkPants

      We are warming up for clan war leagues, clash on!

    85. M K

      Противный голос у комментатора справа. Голова от его писка болит.

    86. ilay vasker

      Geam Rosters

    87. Thanektor Pros

      indian clashers will win for sure if they continue like that (not indian)

      1. intenS

        @Mohammad Mustafa hey you dont u dare to say something to india

      2. Mohammad Mustafa

        They lost lmao

      3. mohit nagar


    88. ilay vasker

      World warmup?

    89. shane 777

      Why does it feel like this is the Olympics or FIFA World Cup 😂🏆

    90. chris rose

      All dog owners do u love ur puppy and the dog like u in a good way



    92. Jesus Martínez

      Vamos Tompinai


      Op base indian clasher 😍

    94. Julian Maurer

      itzu and judo amazing casters!

    95. you tube gamers

      Indian clashers op

    96. Adil The man

      Why is this tournament less reward than Mr and Mrs Mujtaba tournament?

      1. Thanektor Pros

        because its a warm up the normal championship prise is 1 million. imagine if mr and mrs mujtaba had a warm up tournament?they will have like 500$ pool prise lol

    97. Viee 101 YT

      Hello everyone

    98. Viee 101 YT

      I think we won😎👌

    99. Gifted

      Clash Of clans. I'm flipping pissed right now cause I'm a townhall7 and I did the challenge where u get 1 500 000 exiler and 15 000 dark exiler but didn't get the rewards and it's says I claimed but I know very well I didn't. Pls fix this problem. It is already hard to get dark exiler and it just went down the drain just like that. Pls,fix the problem and I don't want other people to suffer with the same thing that I did. We work hard for our things and wait long days for our upgrades. THANK U

      1. Gifted

        @Orlin Adson yea

      2. Orlin Adson

        Do you have enough storage/treasury capacity ?