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  1. ShingekiNoTurret

    Supercell nerfing the heal block on these things was one of the best decisions they ever made.


    4 years later I am here and it's already 3.5 years since when I left this game

  3. Arsalan

    It gives me goosebumps

  4. DilshaReZ '

    Чтоооо 8 лет назат

  5. AA NIS

    after 8 year youtube suggested me this🤣🤣

  6. Vi CH u

    does any beginners here need my 12 Max town hall account


    How many are here for judo

  8. MBAPPE 7


  9. Historical India Untold

    Builder eyes seen many dark things

  10. R3 Greg

    This Look like my base mass hog rider

  11. Flex

    More talent the charlie

  12. Rabiul Rahman

    Clash heros all the way

  13. T. Garcia

    These guys are pulling out the stops. Wow. Also, the commentary is amazing. Judo, you the man for keeping the energy going the ENTIRE time and for always going in depth with everything. Both of you killed it. Thank you guys. Looking forward to the next rounds 🙏

  14. Mahesh

    What happened to the 👑 walkers? BuMm

  15. Panchu Mundro

    2017 onwards still I am playing 😃

  16. Indu Shekhar Nagar

    28:20 Indian Clashers🇮🇳❤️

  17. Leona Desjarlais

    and yes I’m sorry about that 🥃

  18. Leona Desjarlais

    Definitely good luck with this beautiful?

  19. Krisi Dragnev

    Please supercell add time in battle please

  20. Bᴀʙɪɴ Dᴀs

    Worthless skin it should come in games to buy plz supercell

  21. Ajaz Sheikh

    Wow she is crazy

  22. HiyaHiya

    9:49 The Giant Skeleton looks like Papyrus

  23. Derek Everitt

    She was the most broken charectar in the game at that point

  24. Harshith Kollipara

    Cannons and other ground defences: “Am i a joke to you?”

  25. Nathan Kendrick Achacon

    Tower Defense Simulator Sledger in a nutshell:

  26. Lil Cringe

    1:27 that groan HAHAHA

  27. stupid studios


  28. No One

    ah yes people rejecting handshakes

  29. Jaebe escobal

    THE BEST!!!

  30. Team Avatar

    The poor guys expecting super pekka tho lmao, we already have it on builder base.

  31. f

    30 HAHAHA

  32. Gamer100far2

    Love the popot show

  33. Max Macrusky

    Can we appreciate the barbarian is named JOE ( plz ask who's joe)

  34. Himanshu Giripunje

    Did you see Globin in water 🤔🤔🤔

  35. M Irfan

    Asalamualaikum kak ,,kak tolong bikin kan config coc anti force close dong kak pliss saya pengen lagi kak main coc dgn lancar seperti dlu

  36. Leona Desjarlais

    Good morning buddy lol

  37. rajat kalbande

    Builders are the most expensive people on clash of clans universe and that are rarest of rare people

  38. Frostbbite


  39. دكـۧتـَـِٰ۫୭ور ֆ

    How much I miss you my lost village 😭💔

  40. BlueNinjaPH

    I only like clash of hero's.

  41. Hüseyin Doğan

    bs den geldik

  42. King

    Birinci videoyu kaldırmışlar 😂

  43. King

    Vay be hiç değişmemiş

  44. talent boy


    1. دكـۧتـَـِٰ۫୭ور ֆ


  45. Broken Code

    Why do they clap at natural structures?

  46. Mr,Piggy554

    I was expecting viking singing XD (8:29)

  47. King

    Çekiç reçeli geri döndü

  48. Mohamed Ukasha

    I am free fire boy

  49. rafsan rafi

    In th9, it's very hard to deal with cc troops if you're doing lalo.

  50. ملك الظلام

    GO GO GG😍😍

  51. Bhre Rahsa

    Hanya natal yg ada event.. Klo perayaan idul fitri..ucapin selamat aja tidak.. Supercell gak mau silaturahmi emang?sombong amat..

  52. karsow 2054

    0:40 when you play snakes and ladders with your frustrated dad to cheer him up but accidentally win:

  53. Dr. Edward Richtofen

    Ah the good old days

  54. Jorge Alejandro Figueroa Fuentes

    POV: you arrive to latinoamerica

  55. King Lock

    This is how our village will be when we are offline.. 😂😂

  56. Myname Jeff

    i got attack of titan vibes

  57. Adruz001 D

    I can't wait for this troop to come out it looks so cool

  58. Not your Dragon _18

    All you gotta do to get a girl in the village is dress up as a tree guys then she’ll clap on you.

  59. Another One

    Judo sloth be like 😑

  60. Soup Dawg


  61. AnimStix

    Giants are like hulk as in avengers😂

  62. jay gee 2018

    Supercell: so what character should we give a lot of story to Also supercell: *l o g*

  63. KABTNゑRBGゑ

    اكو عرب هنا لا

  64. Aru Ranjan

    I think clash heroes was the best 🤗

  65. Adan Phu

    She's so cute 😋😋😛

  66. Adan Phu

    This game is so childish so cute!! 😋😋

  67. Bush Bumkin

    I accidentally deleted my th9 account instead of deleting a locked 2nd account so sad

  68. Laser Brawler

    bro my mini minis at th 8 has lvl 4 drags

  69. Mohammad Fiaz

    Plz make 1 hour movie of clash of clans plzzzzzz i want ittttt

  70. Julian Drawings

    When the mega Tesla and Pekka combine they destroy the island

  71. Sword Of Symphogear

    If you have the subtitles one its even more funny hehe

  72. Iam Dot957

    GoWipe the floor with this strategy! ahaha amirite?

  73. XZ Y

    This is how troops feel

  74. abishek 007

    coc officials, i need to change my level 10 clan badge border in this update that is not shown. please give updates for changing that.

  75. ワシャミシャ

    0:55 step wizard I'm stuck

  76. Vance Z

    It says go wipe

  77. Gautam Kumar

    The only girl who doesn't impressed by money😂

  78. DuhGummi

    we need more of this